What Are Condensate Pots?

For two reasons, Condensate Pots (also known as Seal Pots) are employed in the measurement of steam or other vapors: One explanation is because inside the pot, a level of condensed water accumulates, maintaining a fluid volume for displacement equal to or larger than the transmitter's volume displacement (protecting the transmitter from heat).

The second reason for keeping a liquid within the pot is to avoid the liquid from flashing in the impulse line if the steam temperature is suddenly changed. This flashing effect is prevented by a dam inside the pot.

Features of Condensate Pots:

  • Create your own pot to match your specific needs. You can choose the sizes and types of termination connections.
  • Male/Female, NPT, BSP, Butt Weld, Flanged, Socket Weld, and Compression outputs are some of the end connections available.
  • For easier installation of Condensing Pots, we provide mounting stands, mounting clips, and mounting threads.
  • Provided by Dust Cap
  • Select from a Variety of Designs.
  • Certain configurations have a high pressure rating of up to 10000 psi.
  • Condensate Pots are available in two sizes: super long and large volume.
  • Certification is given the utmost importance.

Uses of Condensate Pots:

Condensate pot manufacturers in India are uniquely designed to remove residue or foreign materials from pipes while protecting vital system components. Condensation pots were typically used to pass steam. From the bottom valve, the residue is emptied. According to the system requirements, the installation could be horizontal or vertical. Condensate pots are intended to catch condensate and foreign materials, thereby protecting the metering system and/or manifold. Drain the condensate from the bottom valve connection. These are made in order to fit the needs of the client and the project.

When measuring steam or other vapors that condense to a liquid state, condensate chambers act as a barrier between the main line and the secondary instruments, ensuring compatibility. They can also be used to cool liquids that are extremely hot. Seal pot is used in situations where the line fluid is corrosive or viscous to the point where it can be clogged. Condensate pots are primarily used to increase the accuracy of differential pressure flow measurement in steam (or vapor) applications. They are used to ensure that steam condensation in the impulse lines does not impair the ability to accurately sense differential pressure variations and to reduce gauge line error caused by differences between pairs of impulse lines.


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