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Instrumxx Industries is a leading SS union pipe fitting stockist in India. Our union tube fittings are available in single and double union types. These threaded pipe fittings are essential for connecting, separating, and reconnecting the pipe without moving the pipe horizontally. These independent pipe fittings are crucial for connecting two pipe pieces or pipe fittings like ball valves, ensuring easier separation.

Experience reliable and robust union pipe fittings with Instrumxx Industries

Instrumxx Industries provide multiple types of union pipe fittings like union tees and union elbows. These fittings are available in materials like Carbon Steel, Duplex Steel, Alloy Steel, Nickel, Copper Nickel, Monel, Inconel, Brass, Hastelloy, etc.


These pipe and pipe fittings are also available with threads like NPT, BSPT, BSP, and UNF. Instrumxx customers also get an extensive range of options in terms of pressure ratings, sizes, material grades, and plating. As a leading union supplier, our company also offers accessories like O-ring seals along with the union for efficient tightening and connections.

How does it work?

Unions are important pipe fittings in applications requiring frequent replacement or servicing. They also find applications in pipe spools while constructing piping systems. They are available in two main types:

Single Union: These pipe fittings have a union nut at the supply end or single end, allowing pipe division.

Double Union: These pipe fittings have a union nut at both ends allowing the entire pipe removal.

  • Male Elbow - BSPT
  • Female Elbow - BSPT

Why Instrumxx Industries?

SS Unions are essential for creating connections that are easy to assemble and disassemble during maintenance. These piping accessories are perfect for creating connections that involve fluid transportation. As a reputed union manufacturer, our company offers high-quality union fittings. As a notable union supplier in India, Instrumxx utilizes high-quality materials. These union fittings have high tensile strength. They also feature high durability and long-lasting applications.

Explore our union fittings range with international compatibility

Instrumxx Industries provides multiple material options and pressure ratings. These union fittings find multiple applications, like connecting pipes for equipment like pumps, flowmeters, sight glasses, etc., requiring removal during service and replacement. They are also useful for providing rotatory motion in pipes. 


As a union pipe fitting supplier, we ensure top-quality products with extensive testing from raw material selection to delivery. All our products undergo strict quality tests and nominal testing procedures before dispatch. Moreover, Instrumxx Industries also offers customization options for all products.

What more?

Instrumxx Industries is the top name among union manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. Our company offers technologically advanced pipe and pipe fitting products made of high-quality raw materials. 

Instrumxx experts help customers with product selection, material guidance, and installation assistance. The company also provides timely delivery and 24 x 7 customer support. Explore our extensive product range of pipe fittings today!


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