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First, know what is forged pipe fittings?

The availability of forged pipe fittings depends on ASME B16.11, MSS-SP-79–83–95–97, and BS3799 standards and specifications. For joining pipes with nominal bores, these fittings are helpful.

They are made of stainless steel SS316 and carbon steel A105. These fittings come in sizes varying from 1/8" to 4 inches. The forged fittings get their name because of the production process; these include shaping (forging). The raw material, steel or carbon alloy, is heated and shaped into a tailor-made shape during the production of these fittings.

Different types of forged pipe fittings

The market offers a variety of fitting types, and one may select the best one from among them. The different precision pipe fitting type’s are-

  • Hex Nipple
  • Hex Reducing Nipple
  • Hex Coupling
  • Hex Reducing Coupling
  • Adapter
  • Reducing Adapter
  • Hex Reducing Adapter
  • Reducing Bushing
  • Hex Plug
  • Pipe Cap
  • Cross
  • Male Elbow
  • Female Elbow
  • Female Tee
  • Male Tee
  • Branch Tee
  • Run Tee
  • Three Piece Union
  • Swage Nipple
  • Pipe Nipple

The three-way tee is shaped like a T and has one input and two exits. The flow from two channels to one outlet can be combined with the help of these kinds of forged fittings. The following are the forged pipe fittings-

  • Tee
  • Cap
  • Cross
  • Half-Coupling
  • Coupling
  • 90-deg Elbow
  • 45-deg Elbow

Applications of forged pipe fittings

Due to its superior quality and increased strength to support higher pressure, a forged pipe fitting offers a broad range of applications. It is known because of its wall thickness. Their wall thickness makes them helpful for threading procedures or machining the socket weld's end.

The ideal forged fittings ASME B16.11 specify the pressure-temperature numbers, tolerance limitations, dimensional accuracy, marking requirements, and material specifications. It makes these fittings helpful in fields like

  • Oil & gas
  • Chemical, and
  • Power production that needs high pressure and severely corrosive environments

Forged pipe fittings can be used to alter the direction of the piping system, which in turn alters the direction of the stream. These pipe fittings are renowned for their durability, exact dimensions, leak-free performance, and smooth ending.

Best producer of forged pipe fittings

Manufacturing businesses must follow standard operating processes and rules while producing specified pipe fittings. So, Instrumxx Industries follows the same.

Every forged fitting has a permanent marking on the collar section that includes the necessary credentials. This marking aims to inform the user and indicate the pipe fittings' specifications. Additionally, it enables the smooth process of selection and purchasing.

Each forged pipe fitting has different markings, such as the manufacturer's brand, the nation of origin, the standards, the size, the work pressure capacity, the material, and the pressure.

Forged pipe fittings have a specified pressure limit between 3000 and 6000 lbs. In general, carbon steel is a good choice for the common material grade.


One of the biggest forged pipe fitting producers, suppliers, and exporters in India is Instrumxx Industries. Standard sizes are in stock and may be shipped right away to any country around the globe. Along with carbon steel and nickel alloy forged fittings, we also make forged fittings of stainless steel.

Don't worry about quality assurance!

At Instrumxx Industries, every pipe fitting is put through a rigid inspection procedure at every step of the manufacturing process, from the initial material purchase to the final product shipping.

Moreover, officially recognized Inspection Agencies may be requested to observe the product dimensions, material reports, and quality compliance.

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