Male connector tube fittings

Instrumxx Industries is a leading male connector manufacturer in India. Our instrumentation tube fittings, like male connectors, are available in multiple sizes and material configurations. These connectors are essential for connecting pipe manifolds and other piping components like headers. These pipe connectors ensure safety, leak-proof connections, and reliable applications. At our company, we feature a variety of male connectors with different materials, thread specifications, etc.

Experience high-quality product range and reliability with Instrumxx Industries

Instrumxx Industries provide multiple male connectors in different threads and seals. They are available in an extensive material range like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Alloy Steel, Nickel, Copper Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, etc.

These pipe and pipe fittings are also available with thread-like NPT, BSPT, BSP, and UNF. At our company, we also offer our customers options for inlet, outlet, and drain connections. We also provide the option for temperature and pressure rating and gland packing. As a top SS connector and pipe fitting supplier, our company offers multiple accessories with these connectors.

How does it work?

Male connectors are essential for creating a functional piping system. They aid in creating different configurations with ease and connect multiple hydraulic system accessories. These are available in various configurations per customer requirements.

Why Instrumxx Industries?

Male connectors like pipe fittings are essential to creating robust connections. Since their applications involve fluid transport, they require an efficient sealing effect. The material of the male connector is also crucial, as pipe fittings are subject to corrosion over time. Reputed manufacturers offering high-quality pipe fittings like male connectors like Instrumxx Industries comes highly recommended. 

As a notable male connector manufacturer in India, Instrumxx Industries utilizes top-notch-quality materials. These pipe fittings also function well in environments leading to corrosion and guarantee high durability. These fittings also facilitate quick assembly and disassembly and offer easy maintenance.

Explore our male connector range with international compatibility

Instrumxx Industries provides multiple pressure ratings and material choices. The extensive grades for all material types make our male brass connectors suitable for multiple high-pressure and temperature applications. Our products find application in the power generation sector, oil and gas sector, fertilizer plants, chemical companies, food processing units, instrumentation companies, and automobile and petrochemical industries.

As a male connector supplier, we ensure top-quality products with extensive testing from raw material selection to delivery. Each product undergoes strict quality tests and mandatory testing procedures before dispatch. Moreover, Instrumxx Industries also offers customization options for all products.

What more?

Instrumxx Industries is the top name among male connector manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of different sizes. Our company offers technologically advanced pipe and pipe fitting products of high-quality raw materials.

Instrumxx Industries experts help customers with product selection, material guidance, and installation assistance. The company also provides timely delivery and 24 x 7 customer support. Explore our extensive product range of pipe fittings today!


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