Explore the Extensive Range of Forged Steel Fittings by Instrumxx Industries

Explore the Extensive Range of Forged Steel Fittings by Instrumxx Industries

You begin by cutting and heating the billets and applying pressure to give them the desired shape using dies. You then trim the final result, ultimately ending with the shot blasting. It is then followed by machine forging blank fittings essential for dimensioning and net shape.

Different types of forged steel fittings:

Forged steel fittings are available in the socket and threaded weld end connections. The dimensions for these welds conform to ASME B16.11 ASME B1.20.1 standards. These fittings are available in extensive types at any precision and forged pipe fittings supplier like Instrumxx Industries.


These forged steel fitting find application in the combination and division process flows. Reducing these forged steel fittings will help you change the pipe size and pipe connectors. These steel fittings come with two inline outlets known as the run outlets. There is a third outlet known as the branch outlet essential to reduce outlet of reducing tee.


Pipe elbows forged steel fittings are essential for installation between two tubes of a certain length. It facilitates a change of direction. It can be a 90-degree or a 45-degree change in the flow direction. One can also reduce the elbow by reducing tee to change the flow direction.

This way, you can change not only the flow direction but even the flow diameter. Elbows generally have two ends- the female and male ends.

The former end (female) accepts the S.S. pipe, while the latter does not require pipe fittings like the pipe nipple while installation.


These are other forged pipe fittings essential for connecting two S.S pipe lengths. There is another kind of coupling which is called the half-coupling. Now, half-couplings are those screwed onto the S.S. pipe. You insert one end tightly to the other end of the pipe. Some even prefer to weld it on the pipe and fittings.

There are also standard couplings that you can find. These are couplings that have female threads. These are nothing but open sockets that are found on both ends. You can even connect smaller pipes to larger ones by reducing couplings.


These forged steel fittings are similar to couplings, except they make way for disconnection and connection. This can be very convenient. Unions come in three parts -the nut and the female and male end. Using these parts, one can assemble and detach the two pipes without causing any form of deformation to the pipes and pipe fittings.


If you are looking for forged steel fittings that allow for a change in pipe size, bushings are essential.


These again are simple forged steel fittings commonly used to terminate the flow by inserting it over the pipe end.


Next on the list of forged pipe fittings is plugs. These are similar to caps, but one must insert them into the S.S. pipe end. Plugs come in different head types and shape like round, square, and even hex.


Finally, we have cross forged pipe fittings. These are four-way forged fittings. There is one inlet and three outlets, or the other way round depending on the design. These are also known as four-way tees.


Forged steel pipe fittings find application in a wide range of industries that deal with liquids, chemicals, and gas like:

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper industry
  • Construction
  • Food and beverages (F&B)
  • Semiconductor manufacturing

Final thoughts

Forged steel pipe fittings manufacturers like Instrumxx Industries offer an extensive range of pipe and pipe fittings. Their pipe fitting range features their high-quality and modern technology use.

Instrumxx Industries is a leading name for precision and forged pipe fittings supply. They offer forged pipe fittings of high quality and reliability. Every product at Instrumxx undergoes stringent tests and features global adaptability. They come with ISO and other essential certificates. In addition, the company also provides timely delivery, ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction. Explore the pipe and pipe fittings range today!


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