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Before understanding the uses of double tube fittings compression, we will discuss what double compression tube fittings are.

What is compression fitting?

Industries use compression fittings to quickly and effectively create leak-free tube connections. Although it serves the same function, double compression ferrule fittings have separate parts.

It includes an exterior nut, two soft alloy front and back ferrules that may flex, and a body that is tube fitting. These fittings are easily accessible in fractional and metric tube sizes.

Compression fittings with double ferrules provide leak-tight connections for exterior tube walls, diameter, thickness, and material hardness to tolerate any kind of pressure.

Know more about double ferrule fittings

The most used equipment fittings are double ferrule compression fittings. The aerospace, medical device, defense, chemical processing, and oil and gas sectors are often used in process measurement and control systems.

There are three parts to a compression fitting: a nut, a body, and a ferrule (single or double). This layout gives the tube a sequential grip. U.N.E.F. or (United National Extra Fine) threads are used for instrumentation tube fittings, and the tube's outer diameter determines the thread's size.


The new double ferrule tube fittings are particularly made for use in instrumentation, process and control systems, analytical equipment, and environmental equipment used in pulp and paper mills, chemical, petroleum, and power production facilities.

Other applications and sectors where great dependability and quality are required frequently use Ferrule Tube Fittings.

Uses of Double compression tube fittings-

  • Depending on the manufacturer, these fittings may have different advantages or characteristics. These tube fittings are ideal for usage because of their many functions.
  • The threads on the nuts of premium double ferrule compression fittings are silver-plated, preventing galling on the body threads.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance is a feature of these tube fittings.
  • Its bodies are gauge able.
  • Under many difficult operating situations, it delivers 0% leakage.
  • It offers excellent resistance to high pressure, intense heat, and corrosion.
  • These fittings are simple to use, which can reduce maintenance time and expenses.
  • These fixtures can be used again.
  • Fitting joints that are leak-proof can endure both high-pressure vacuum operations and vibration.
  • Compression tube fittings with two ferrules are appropriate for low torque operation.

Compression tube fittings with two ferrules are appropriate for low torque operation.

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Compression fittings with double ferrules are a must for swiftly and effectively joining tubes with zero leakage. These fittings include a fitting body for the tube, an exterior nut, a front ferrule, a back ferrule, and both. At Instrumxx industries, we guarantee efficient leakage-free couplings in all thicknesses, diameters, and hardness ranges.

Wrap up!

Now you know who the best provider of double compression tube fittings is. Many provide it, but Instrumxx industries are superior from others. Their products are reliable. Many different sectors, including downstream petrochemical, pulp & paper, labs, aerospace and shipbuilding, defense, power generation, semiconductors production, and heavy industries, use Instrumxx industries double compression tube fittings.

As a provider of double compression tube fittings, Instrumxx industries guarantee that each item is corrosion-, vibration-, leakage-, and gas-tight.


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